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Our campus has a computer lab, the aim and objective is, to introduce students to the world of computer and how Sanskrit and computer are co-related to eachother. Here, students learn about basic fundamentals of computer then they gradually dive into the advance computer lab where they come to know, how Sanskrit is suitable for computer.

The lab consists of 50 computers which contains both Windows and Linux operating system that facilitates original Ms Office for the students ease of learning.

In computer lab, students learn basic English typing, Unicode Devanagari typing, creating document, presentation, datasheet using respective software in both Windows and Linux operating system, working with different text editors such as: notepad, geany. After learning all the basics, students are taught about some advance computer skills, where a short introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Translation is given and they are trained in some Sanskrit computational tools, where they learn how to tag Sanskrit text, give annotations, build tagging scheme and how to build these tools, what are the technologies used and how to create documents using LaTeX. Later, the importance of Digital Humanities through TEI is explained. Students who shows a keen interest in Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, we send them to IIIT Hyderabad for training purpose for a period of 3 months.

For bright future of students,our campus as well as the technicians are sacrificing their level best to monitor and support the modern technology.